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Oil and Gas Distributor

  • Oil and Gas Dispenser
    Oil and Gas Dispenser
    Ⅰ . Overview It is used in various types of hot and cold rolling mill, temper mill, straightener, wire rod and rod bar mill, continuous casting machine, sintering machine, etc. of steel and non-ferrous metal industries, as well as open gears, gear boxes,...
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  • Dispenser Copper Distributor
    Dispenser Copper Distributor
    Ⅰ . Overview Type YZF-L4 pressure control valve is a signal sending unit employing pressure difference signal to translate to electric signal through mechanical transmission which is installed on the end of two main pipelines of motor driven terminal type...
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  • Copper Metering Valve
    Copper Metering Valve
    Ⅰ . Overview Type AVE oil-air distributing mixer is an oil-air distributing mixer made of Aluminium alloy material with a quantitative structure which is equipped with one oil inlet, one air inlet and 1~8 oil-air outlets. It mainly applies to single line...
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