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Analysis of lubrication system problems

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Lubrication system lubricants have the following four aspects: reduce the wear of sliding parts, prolong the life of parts, reduce friction power consumption, cooling effect, can guide the friction heat, so that the working temperature of the parts is not too high, so as to ensure the sliding part of the necessary clearance to prevent contact surface burns. These effects are directly or indirectly related to the efficiency of the equipment. But the lubricant will oxidize at high temperature, and these effects will be reduced. and will produce solids, resulting in the wear of running parts, resulting in the leakage of compressed gas.       

Processing method:

Reasonable use of high quality lubricants, these lubricants must have sufficient viscosity at high temperature to maintain a certain sealing capacity for each seal gap, there should be a high flash point, a good chemical stability, better oxidation safety, and to minimize the colloid and carbon deposition. In addition to the regular inspection and replacement of lubricants, to regularly clean the oil pool, tubing, oil filters and oil injector, etc. to ensure smooth flow.