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Application of centralized lubrication system

- May 07, 2018 -

The centralized lubrication system has played an important role in the lubrication of mechanical equipment of CNC machinery, machining center, elevator, production line, machine tool, forging, forging, casting, textile, plastic, woodworking, rubber, mining, metallurgy, printing, food and other industries. In the last two years, the centralized lubrication system has also gradually been applied in the engineering machinery and mine, mountain machinery and chassis.

Mechanical equipment usually uses thin oil lubrication (or lubricating oil lubrication) and dry oil lubrication (or grease lubrication). Dry oil lubrication is mainly used for friction surfaces at high pressure and high temperature. It can be used to lubricate mechanical devices with varying load, vibration and impact. Dry oil lubrication is divided into dispersed lubrication and centralized lubrication. Centralized lubrication includes intermittent pressure lubrication, pressure lubrication and continuous pressure lubrication.

The dry oil centralized lubrication system has the advantages of convenient oil injection, forced lubrication, lengthening the service life of the bearing, increasing the time of mechanical availability, saving the grease and so on, thus reducing the cost of maintenance ,and is widely used in the parts of the excavators, loaders, levelers, concrete pumps, conveyer belts and other machinery and equipment.