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Classification of lubricating grease centralized lubrication system

- Jul 03, 2018 -

In all kinds of mechanical equipment, in addition to the use of a separate and dispersed lubricating method (that is, to add grease to the lubricating point by grease gun or grease cup manually), it is necessary to use a dry oil centralized lubrication system for a large number of lubricating points, or the machine which can’t stop, or with the danger of artificial fatliquoring and some difficult parts.

This lubrication system is generally a totally lossy system, and is no longer recycled. The lubricating grease centralized lubrication system uses the appropriate pump pressure timing to quantify the grease to the lubricating point to ensure a reliable and sufficient oil film between the friction surfaces of the equipment to maintain a long and normal operation. Generally, the pumps with large containers, such as grease tanks, are arranged near the lubrication point. A quantitative device, such as a quantitative valve, that is pressurized from a container by means of a pump to pass it through the pipeline. The amount of grease required is then measured in order to lubricate the lubrication point.

  1. Manual dry oil centralized lubrication system.  In a single machine with few lubrication points and lubrication that does not require frequent use (thin oil), the system of manual grease lubrication station grease is widely used.

  2. Automatic dry oil centralized lubrication system.  Automatic dry oil centralized lubrication system is composed of automatic (pneumatic or electric) dry oil lubrication station, two grease feeder, related electrical equipment, control measuring instrument and so on. It is divided into 4 types.

    Direct system
    The direct system uses the stroke of the pump to directly control the amount of fat supplied. Its main control elements are cams and reciprocating pistons. This pump can lubricate more than 12 lubrication points per stroke. But the production of this pump is more complicated than that of the indirect system.

    Automatic oil drain centralized lubrication system with outflow (end flow).
    An automatic dry oil centralized lubrication system that provides more lubrication points and wider distribution of lubricating points, especially a machine with a long strip (such as a rolling mill in rolling mill).


    Ring type (loop type) automatic grease centralized lubrication system.

The ring type automatic dry oil centralized lubricating oil system is composed of an                 electric dry oil station with a hydraulic reversing valve, a grease conveying head for               forming a grease supply circuit, and an oil feeder. It is a double line for fat. This               ring type dry oil centralized lubrication system is usually used in places where machines are       more intensive and there are more lubricating points.


     Pneumatic dry oil centralized lubrication system.

The centralized lubricating system of pneumatic dry oil is mainly composed of pneumatic dry oil     station, grease conveying head and oil feeder. It can be arranged as outflow type or ring type       according to need.