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How to choose a good glue board product

- Feb 01, 2018 -

First of all, we need to know a rubber plate factory needs of rubber equipment: mixer, open mixer, calender, vulcanizing machine (drum vulcanizing machine, flat vulcanizing machine).

Rubber sheet After production is not put too long time, too long will make rubber aging, generally for one year, can also be used, but to do testing, qualified to use!

Expression method Industrial Rubber plate 1608 should be 85 version of the number, refers to ordinary rubber plate, shore hardness of 60 degrees, 8MPa strength;

Also has the general thickness and the length, the performance explanation! 1200mm*3mm/antistatic Rubber Board

China is the world's largest consumer of natural rubber, but also one of the major importers, with the country's reform and opening up, China's rubber products industry has been a relatively rapid development, market demand, the industrial structure of continuous adjustment, of which a variety of products in the world's largest production.

Products are widely used in transportation, aerospace, mechanical electronics and other industrial fields, in addition, many rubber products can be used as the final product directly for daily life, sports activities and health and other aspects. Temperature and environment: cool at room temperature, good ventilation!