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How to clean the pipeline of industrial lubrication equipment?

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Select the type of oil pollution according to the cleaning object of lubrication equipment. Different lubricate equipment have different requirements for cleaning agents.

 (1).  During the lubricating, various oil stains on the metal are caused by the technological requirements (such as cooling, lubrication, abrasive, surface treatment, heat treatment, etc. Most of these oils are mineral oils, including animal and vegetable oils, emulsions, polishing paste, grinding paste and various salts. The components of these oils are relatively simple. They exist on metal surfaces for short time, and easy to remove them. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a normal temperature cleaner without corrosion on metal, and other requirements for cleaning agents are not high. Aliphatic hydrophobic surfactants are mostly used for animal and vegetable oil pollution. Aromatic water repellent surfactants are mostly used for mineral oil pollution.

(2). Oil pollution on metal surfaces such as machinery and parts that are kept for a long time is mostly antirust grease, antirust grease, gas phase rust inhibitor and water- soluble corrosion inhibitor. Because of the complex components of this kind of oil, it is more difficult to clean up, with the close adhesion to the metal, long time, volatilization and self-polymerization of the components, even the physical and chemical changes. This requires the selection of detergent according to different conditions. For heavy oil stains such as antirust oil, a heated cleaning agent can be used to unseal and then clean, this will greatly improve the efficiency of sealing and cleaning. For thin oil and gas phase corrosion inhibitor and water-soluble corrosion inhibitor, two kinds of cleaning agents, heating or normal temperature, can be used.

(3). The oil contamination produced after cleaning and running is quite complicated. Most of these oils are all kinds of lubricants, fuel oil and other industrial waste, dust and metal powder. Due to the long time, complex operation and various factors, such oil pollution is complex and firm. Generally, special cleaning agents should be selected for different components of oil. For example, carbon cleaning agents for engines should be cleaned up with carbon remover. The cleaning of the scale should be used as a cleaning agent.