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Maintenance method of lubrication system

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Diesel Generator lubrication System is one of the important components of the generator set, its good performance can prolong the service life of the generator set, and to a certain extent, greatly reduce the fuel consumption of diesel generator set, so the maintenance of lubrication system is very important.

The oil should be raised by filling port before starting the new diesel generator. Cummins diesel generators should be placed in a horizontal position at the time of filling and the change of oil level should be observed. Add oil to wait a while and then look at the oil level, that is, such as oil into the oil pan after the oil level is the correct value. Each oil filter should be filled with clean oil before it can be mounted on the engine.

In the selection of oil process, one to choose the right oil viscosity, the second to meet the American Petroleum Association (AH) Order performance rating. Cummins Diesel Generator sets require the use of multistage viscosity of the oil, because the multi-stage viscosity oil suitable for a wide range of operating temperature and consumption rate than the single-stage viscosity of oil about 30% lower. The oil performance grade represents the level of the oil additive, for heavy load of the engine, the main protection is the oil in the additive, because the additive over time will gradually consumption, only the use of adequate grade of oil, to ensure that the engine in the entire cycle can be reliable protection. Do the above two steps, after the need to do the maintenance work is to check the oil level, in the inspection of oil level in the process of what need to pay attention to it?

1. Check engine crankcase oil level and keep oil level between "add" and "full" on the side of oil oil ruler "engine stop".

2. Extract S.O.S every 250 hours, and then replace the oil filter and oil.

3. Check the oil level every week, maintain the correct oil level, and check the oil pressure after starting the engine.

4. Check the oil level every year, maintain the correct oil level, start engine check the oil pressure is normal, take oil sample (S.O.S), replacement.

5. Oil and oil filter.

6. Clean the crankcase respirator every 250 hours.

7. Check the following parts for leaks: crankshaft seals, crankcase, oil filter, oil oil road plug, sensor and valve chamber cover.

8. Check the tube, T-tube and clamp of the crankcase respirator.

The stability of diesel generator set lubrication system is ensured, and the diesel generator set is more easily and conveniently used in the process of operation, which greatly increases the service life of diesel generator set.