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Oil Pump Products Overview

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Oil pump products, with the development of China's petroleum industry transportation needs to produce, the pump has a small size, light weight, compact structure, easy to move, easy to operate, safe to use, only one person to operate, with the hand reciprocating shake handle, you can continuously out of oil, fuel pump device is vertical can be used 1 o'clock refueling gun installed in the exit of the leather tube switch function To avoid waste of oil in the tube when the operation is stopped. I. Features:

1, the use of micro-computer control, dial code switch set fully automatic, uniform, punctual, accurate injection of equipment required daily lubricant.

2, micro-computer with immediate start function, no start time delay.

3, active controlled system lubrication management, a large number of saving equipment maintenance costs.

4, can avoid overflow pollution or oil-breaking troubles.

5, can maintain lubrication surface continuous new oil supply.

6, super Large capacity, volume of 500ml.

7. Can be stopped at any time as required.

8, unique design, explosion-proof safety, flexible installation, simple, not subject to direction, location restrictions.

9, dry battery or power supply to facilitate customer choice.

10, can be reused, save costs.