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Precautions for installation of dry oil centralized lubrication system

- Jun 14, 2018 -


1.The lubrication pump shall be installed in a place convenient for maintenance and less dust, and shall pay attention to whether the ambient temperature is suitable for the operating temperature of the pump.

2.the lubricating pump should be installed in the central position of the lubrication system, so the system pipe is short and the pressure drop can be kept in the low luminance to ensure that the pump produces enough pressure to overcome the back pressure of the lubricating point.

3.The volume of the oil storage barrel of the lubricating pump should meet the requirement of less frequent oil feeding. order to ensure the lubrication system works normally, spare lubrication pumps should be provided. 

 pipe and hose

1. Recommends cold-rolled seamless steel tubes. For the system working in adverse environment, it is recommended to use copper tubes or stainless steel pipes.

2. we should use the pipe cutting machine to cut the pipeline and do not use saws to avoid iron filings.

3. bend the tube with the bending machine, because the hot bending will produce oxide skin.

4. pipe must be clean, not allowed to have rust spots, hot rolled oxide and gravel and other impurities. About 90% of the lubrication system failures are caused by inadequate cleanliness. This figure should be given enough attention.

5. After cleaning, the ends of the clean pipes should be blocked to prevent debris from entering.

6. the pipeline is fixed on the lubricating equipment or wall to prevent mechanical vibration, and the location of the installation should be easy to observe and easy to maintain.

7. Effective measures should be taken to ensure that pipes are not damaged in areas where transport vehicles are passing by.

8. the pipeline should be installed as far as possible to avoid the temperature too high or too low, because the temperature is too high will lead to the aging of grease, too low temperature will increase the resistance of grease in the pipe. These factors often lead to insufficient oil supply at the lubrication point or damage to the pipeline.

9. For moving or unapproachable lubrication points. It can be connected by private rubber tube or nylon tube. If the pressure is high, the steel wire can be used to knit the rubber hose.

Pipe connection

1. pipe with diameter less than 28mm, preferably use card sleeve type pipe joint.

2. Linen must not be used at the joint. Seal tape or gasket must be used.


1. The oil outlet of the pump should be equipped with a filter.

2. when the spoils of the filter are accumulated to a certain degree, they must be removed and cleaned and dried with compressed air.

Oil feeder

1. the oil feeder should be fixed on the lubricating equipment or the wall. The installation part should be easy to observe and easy to maintain.

2. Do not tighten the connection screws between the chip feeder and the chip, otherwise the piston will be stuck.

differential pressure switch

1. The differential pressure switch is usually installed at the end of the main pipe.

2. An oil feeder should be installed behind the differential pressure switch.

pressure regulating valve

 1. The pump is equipped with a pressure regulating valve.

 2. The setting pressure of the pressure regulating valve should not exceed the maximum working pressure of the pump.

The insurance film

1. There is an insurance film in the pump. When the system pressure exceeds the set pressure, the fuse automatically ruptures, thereby playing a role in protecting the pump.

2, after the breakage of the insurance section, we must find out the cause and remove the trouble in time, and change according to the regulations.