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Selection and versatility of high pressure rubber hose

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Simple and straightforward speaking, the main factors are system pressure, pressure fluctuation, oil flow velocity, temperature, oil and environmental conditions.

The high-pressure hose used in the hydraulic system is made of synthetic rubber and reinforced according to the intended load. In contact with oil is an oil-resistant synthetic rubber inner tube, the inner tube outside a number of reinforcing layer, reinforced materials have natural or synthetic yarn, metal wire or their combination. The reinforcing layer can be a combination of the prepared and the residual work. The outermost is a layer of oil is the weather of the skin, there are adhesive between the layers.

So high-pressure hose product versatility and what? Over-oil hose can also be water, dilute sulfuric acid solution,

No more than 100 degrees Celsius of steam, mud, etc.

The gum red oil-resistant hose, can be used to the steam hose temperature must not exceed 130 degrees.

Of course, Sandblasting series of hose type on the mud on the use of the more complete.

There are many, as long as the role of the media to play the same, in the emergency use of the same pressure can be used under the hose.