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Selection principle of lubricating oil for mechanical equipment

- Apr 26, 2018 -

In order to reduce the friction and wear of the lubricating equipment, allow the lubrication equipment to cool down quickly and make the machinery better seal protection, we can use lubrication oil to improve these functions. When we use the lubricating oil, we must pay attention to some selective original rules so that the function of the lubricating oil can be in the best state.


1. In order to reduce the energy consumption, we should give priority to the selection of small viscosity lubricants under the condition of fully ensuring the safe operation of the machine parts.

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2. Small viscosity lubricate oil should be selected for the friction parts working under high speed load, and when the friction parts working under the low speed heavy load should choose the lubricating oil with large viscosity.


3, when the ambient temperature is low, the lubricate oil with small viscosity should be selected, and on the contrary, the lubricating oil with large viscosity should be selected; the high flash point should be selected under the high temperature condition; low freezing point should be selected under low temperature conditions.


4, the impact, vibration, reciprocating movement, intermittent movement and so on are unfavorable to the formation of oil film, so we should choose the lubricating oil with larger viscosity or use grease or solid lubricant to ensure reliable lubrication.


5, the friction pair should have a small viscosity lubricant when the clearance is small, and the surface with high accuracy should be lubricated with small viscosity.


6, under the conditions of mechanical circulation, the lubricating oil with smaller viscosity should be selected, A large viscosity should be used for intermittent refueling and the condition such as vertical sliding surface, exserted gear, chain, wire rope and so on.


7. If there is no suitable brand of lubricating oil, a similar brand of lubricating oil can be used or mixed. When used, the oil can only be selected slightly more than the required viscosity. When mixing, two different properties, different brand and additives are not used.