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Selection principle of lubrication system

- Feb 01, 2018 -

When designing lubrication system, we should make a comprehensive analysis of the lubrication requirements of various parts of mechanical equipment, determine the varieties of lubricant used, and minimize the categories of lubricants and lubricating devices. Under the condition of guaranteeing the good lubrication of the main value parts, the lubrication quality should be ensured by considering the lubrication of other lubrication points synthetically. Lubrication system should be made to meet the needs of lubrication in the operation of equipment, but also with the equipment operating conditions and the use of the environment to adapt to avoid improper friction, temperature, noise and premature failure. Lubrication system should be made to provide the oil to keep clean, to prevent the external dust and other intrusion caused by pollution, damage to the friction surface, improve the reliability in use. The main components of the complex lubrication system, such as pumps, distribution valves, filters and so on should be properly combined and standardized as far as possible to facilitate close maintenance, cleaning, reduce equipment operation and maintenance, maintenance costs, to prevent the occurrence of personal and equipment safety accidents.

In the selection of lubrication system, we should pay attention to the system automation and reliability, attention to installation instructions, alarm and working condition monitoring devices, to predict and prevent early lubrication failure, to improve equipment start-up rate and service life.