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The development trend of gear oil in lubricating materials

- May 30, 2018 -

As the form and structure of gears tend to be mature, the changes in industrial practice are mainly in terms of size, load and environment. In addition to the development of lubrication device and design, the development of gear lubrication also has several outstanding trends in lubricating materials.

(1) the overall technical requirement is to ensure that the corrosion, oxidation and other requirements are taken into consideration on the premise of not reducing the extreme pressure performance, and the oil exchange period and the gear lifespan are extended.

(2) product development is a general and special balance, for example, in vehicle lubricating oil, 2105E specifications, such as the military, field construction and other independent places emphasis on general and simplified varieties; for civil and group consumption, it is necessary to drive oil of the drive bridge and the transmission of the gearbox to improve their lubrication to the maximum extent.

(3) from the market point of view, the demand of gear oil is two sides. On the one hand, the requirement of specification and technology is increasing, the working condition is more and more harsh, the special gear oil is required to be lubricated with durability, economy and high reliability. It is necessary to use high quality synthetic oil and special additives to ensure the good gear transmission. Good smooth operation, reduce the economic losses caused by poor lubrication, reduce equipment maintenance costs and prevent waste of resources; on the other hand, oil products which are superior to the basic use performance and the cost dominant will still dominate the traditional market, in which the cost of basic oil and additives must be competitive and need additives. It is still very effective at low doses.