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Typical application of oil and gas lubrication

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Oil and gas lubrication, which is called "gas-liquid two-phase fluid cooling and lubrication technology" in academic circles, is a new type of lubrication technology. It has unparalleled advantages compared with the traditional single-phase fluid lubrication technology. It has successfully solved the difficult problems that can’t be overcome by dry oil lubrication and oil mist lubrication. It adapts to the latest development needs of machinery industry equipment, especially for high temperature, heavy load, high speed, extremely low speed, and bad conditions for cooling water and invading and lubricating points of dirty materials. Because it can solve the difficult problem that the traditional single phase fluid lubrication technology can't solve, it has a very obvious use effect, greatly prolongs the service life of the friction pair and improves the environment of the field, so it is getting more and more widely used, especially in the field of metallurgical industry.

It is mainly applied to:

1. bearings of various types of rolling mills and their accessories at high load and high speed, such as:

- cold and hot rolled common steel or stainless steel strip mill

Wire rod or rod mill

Cold and hot rolled nonferrous metal strip mill (aluminum sheet, aluminum foil, copper strip)

- straightener, stretch bending straightener, temper mill and finishing machine.

- all kinds of straightening rolls, Zhang Ligun, pinch rolls, steering rolls, flatbed rollers, jumping rolls, etc.

2. bearings running at high temperature, such as

- continuous casting

- continuous annealing unit, hot-dip galvanizing, tin plating, etc.

- pusher, roller table, cooling bed, hot looper, etc.

- high temperature zones for smelting, papermaking, chemical industry and food processing 3. axis is exposed to chemical corrosive fluids, such as

- pickling and alkali washing equipment

- coating and passivation equipment

- equipment running in water, emulsion, cutting fluid, dangerous liquid or harmful gas.

4. high speed spindle of all kinds of grinder

5. gear, especially large open gear, such as

Ball mill

Rotary kiln

- type gear box

6. sliding surface: such as sintering machine, trolley skateboard, various rails and so on.

7. locomotive flange and track