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What is the lubrication pump

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Lubrication pump is a kind of lubricating equipment which supplies lubricant to lubricating parts. Mechanical equipment need regular lubrication, the main way before lubrication is based on the working conditions of equipment, to reach a certain period of maintenance after the artificial lubrication, such as popular said to beat butter. Lubrication pumps can make this maintenance work easier. Lubrication pump is divided into manual lubrication pump and electric lubrication pump.

The automatic lubrication device can effectively reduce the equipment failure, reduce the energy consumption, improve the production efficiency and prolong the service life of the machine.

Various specifications of the distributor, the realization of various types of friction pairs of accurate oil supply, combined lubrication valve block, can easily modify the system design, and can be changed in response to production requirements, so that the consumption of lubricants the most economical.

Continuous progressive lubrication distributor can withstand MPA pressure, can reach the distance of the lubricant, its advanced structure effectively prevented the lubricating oil from the back of the weight.

Oil lubrication components are well manufactured, perfect performance, first-class quality, is a prerequisite for maintenance-free centralized lubrication system. The multifunctional monitoring element can monitor the operation status of each lubrication point (friction pair) accurately and timely, and report the fault parts of the machine.