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Directional Control Valves

  • 2 Way Reversing Valve
    2 Way Reversing Valve
    Ⅰ . Overview Type 24EJF-P (originally type SA-V) 2-position 4-way reversing valve is an integrated reversing control unit of which valve piston moves driven by DC motor to open and close grease supply line or reverse the direction of grease supply; even if...
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  • Hydraulic Directional Control Valves
    Hydraulic Directional Control Valves
    Ⅰ . Overview It applies to motor driven terminal type centralized lubricating system which delivers lubricating grease output from the lubricating pump to the two main grease supply pipelines alternatively. The valve comes with pressure regulating function...
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  • Direction Control Valve
    Direction Control Valve
    Overview YHF-L2(RV-4U2)Hydraulic reversing valve is applied in electric ring type centralized lubrication system, which could output the grease alternately to the two supply lines. The direction is directly controlled by the pressure control valve at the...
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  • Electromagnetic Reversing Valve
    Electromagnetic Reversing Valve
    Ⅰ . Overview It applies to motor driven terminal type centralized lubricating system. The electric control cabinet receives the signal sent out by type PV-2E pressure control valve so as to realize alternate grease supply and opening of two main grease...
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