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Pressure Indicator

  • Oil Supply Indicator
    Oil Supply Indicator
    Overview GZQ oil indicator is suitable for the Thin oil concentrated lubrication system, observing the lubrication point and regulating the oil supply, The viscosity grade of the medium is N22~N460. When connecting with the system piping, you must connect...
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  • Oil Flow Indicator
    Oil Flow Indicator
    Overview YZQ oil indicator is used in the dilute oil circulating lubrication system of metallurgical, mining building materials and other industrials to observe the flow of oil in the pipeline. The viscosity grade of the medium is N22~N460. When connected...
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  • Oil Flow Transmitter
    Oil Flow Transmitter
    Overview The YXQ oil flow transmitter is used in the thin oil lubrication system, through which it can visually observe the flow status of oil flow and send out oil shortage or stop signal through its sending device, so as to achieve long distance...
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