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Thin Oil Lubrication System

  • Thin Dilute Oil Station
    Thin Dilute Oil Station
    Ⅰ . Overview This product is suitable for oil cycling lubricating system. Its working medium is turbine oil, No. 20~25 mechanical oil and steel rolling mill oil. The sporting viscosity grade is N22~N460 (equivalent to ISO VG22-460). The PN of lubricating...
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  • Thin Oil Lubrication Station
    Thin Oil Lubrication Station
    Ⅰ . Overview This product is suitable for the separately-provided oil cycling lubricating system of machinery equipment used in metallurgy, heavy machinery, mines and so on. The viscosity of its working medium is N22-N460 (equivalent to ISO VG22-460)...
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  • Thin Oil Station
    Thin Oil Station
    G XYZ model A series High (low) pressure thin oil station working condition This product is suitable for all kinds of industrial lubricating oil whose working medium is N22 ~ N320 (equivalent to ISO VG22 ~ VG320) in dilute oil circulation lubrication...
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