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About The Difference Between The Rubber Tube (cable) Protection Sleeve And The Outer Rubber Layer

- Feb 01, 2018 -

First of all, let's talk about the plastic tube (cable) protective sleeve and the structure of the outer layer, hose (cable) Protection kits are usually made of nylon or PE, and rubber hose (cable) outside the rubber layer is generally a latex. They all play a protective role when the hose (cable) is towed or other use process friction, and their purpose is the same. Their difference is that the rubber tube (cable) outside the rubber layer after the use of the damage of the entire hose (cable) Whether it is 1 meters long one or 100.1-meter, this hose (cable) can not be used in the whole, resulting in a great waste, and hose (cable) protection cover is not, it uses a long time will be damaged, But the hose (cable) itself has no effect, the machinery can work properly, the use of all aspects of the condition does not affect, if the damage can also be replaced by rubber hose (cable) protection cover, there is no need to replace the whole hose (cable), after all, compared to the entire hose (cable), protection cover is much lower cost, and hose (cable) service life is equivalent to improve a lot, as long as the internal does not affect the use of this hose (cable) is equivalent to wireless life, virtually reduced production costs. This is the difference between the rubber hose (cable) Protection sleeve and the outer rubber layer.