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Basic Performance Of Gear Oil

- May 30, 2018 -

 The gear oil is generally required to have the following 6 basic properties:

 1. Suitable viscosity and good viscosity temperature, viscosity is the most basic performance of gear oil. The viscosity is large, the lubricating film formed is thick, and the load capacity is relatively large.

 2. Enough extreme pressure antiwea. Extreme pressure and abrasion resistance are the most important properties and main characteristics of gear oils. It is to prevent the wear, abrasion and gluing during operation.

3. Good anti emulsifying property. The deterioration of gear oil in water will seriously affect the formation of lubricant film and cause abrasions and wear.

4. Good oxidation stability and thermal stability. Good thermal oxidation stability ensures the service life of oil products.

5. Good antifoaming. The generated foam can not disappear quickly, which will affect the oil film formation of the gear meshing. The entrainment foam will reduce the actual working oil and affect the heat dissipation.

6, good rust prevention and corrosion resistance. Corrosion and corrosion not only destroy the geometrical characteristics and lubrication state of gears, but also cause deterioration of gear oil and vicious cycle.