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How To Use And Maintain Hydraulic Systems

- Jun 12, 2018 -

There are three principles to use and maintain a hydraulic system:


1.  Reduce the sources of contamination, keep the hydraulic oil clean.

 Hydraulic system is a precise system, with many pairs of kinematic elements and valves. The narrow spacing between the pairs of elements and valves is easily blocked with solid impurities, and efficiency and accuracy will be affected. Therefore, the hydraulic system has a high standard for cleanness.  

 Construction sites, factories are surrounded with sands, dusts and water, which will unavoidably enter the hydraulic systems;  the internal parts of the hydraulic system are worn down, and the solid particles produced by oil oxidation, will make the hydraulic oil contaminated.  Therefore in the first place, the hydraulic systems should be installed in a clean and tidy place.  Secondly an effective filter need to be installed in the precision systems, to repeatedly filter the oil; the filter screen should be replaced on a timely schedule and water separation process is required to remove the contaminants and water.


2.  Monitor the oil temperature.

 On one side, the temperature affects the rate of oil oxidation and the life span of the oil, therefore the lower the temperature the better. On the other hand, the temperature also affects oil viscosity; a suitable viscosity allows the oil to have suitable fluidity and thickness , good sealing functions. Variations in temperature will cause these temperature related characteristics to change, thus a less stable hydraulic system.  The temperature should be maintained at a narrow range.


3. Keep the storage condition from contamination. 
Oils should be stored indoors in a dry and clean room with good ventilation, never outdoors. There should be individual sets of equipments for filling different oil tanks, to avoid contaminations between different types of oils.