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Introduction To Lubrication System

- Feb 01, 2018 -

The so-called lubrication system primer refers to a series of grease, grease and accessory devices that supply lubricant to the lubricating parts. Lubrication system can be divided into five kinds, namely circulating lubrication system, centralized lubrication system, spray lubrication system, immersion oil and splash lubrication system, oil and grease of the total loss of lubrication system.

The lubrication system is designed according to the characteristics of various mechanical equipment and the conditions of use, it is always composed of several major components such as hydraulic pump, fuel tank, filter, cooling device, heating device, sealing device, buffer device, safety device, alarm and so on.

The function of lubrication system is to carry the quantitative cleaning lubricating oil to the surface of the part which is relative moving, in order to realize the liquid friction, reduce the friction resistance and reduce the wear of the mechanical parts. The surface of the part is cleaned and cooled. The lubrication system is usually made up of lubricating oil channel, oil pump, lube filter and some valves.

When the fuel enters the engine, the internal energy of the fuel is converted to make the engine work, but not all of the work is used to drive the engine, because friction between the parts of the engine consumes the work generated by the engine and converts it to heat. In order to reduce friction to protect the engine, there must be a lubrication system to lubricate the engine.