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Lubrication Method Of Lubrication System

- Feb 01, 2018 -

In addition to the above classification, can also be supplied according to the type of lubricant, lubrication methods are divided into lubricating oil lubrication, or dilute oil lubrication, lubrication grease lubrication or dry oil lubrication, as well as solid lubrication, gas lubrication.

Disperse lubrication

Often used to lubricate the lubrication points of dispersed or individual parts. In the dispersion lubrication can be divided into total loss (or "one oil lubrication") type and circulation type of two basic types, such as the use of portable refueling tools (oil kettle, oil gun, hand brush, Chlorine sol spray gun, etc.) on the oil pool, grease, oil cups, rail surface lubrication points such as manual refueling, as well as oil rope or oil cushion lubrication, splash lubrication, oil ring or oil chain lubrication.

Centralized lubrication

The use of a complete set of oil supply equipment at the same time to many lubrication points for oil, often used in gearbox, feed box, whole or complete sets of mechanical equipment and automated production line lubrication. The centralized lubrication system can be divided into three kinds of systems, such as manual operation, semi-automatic operation and automatic operation. It can be divided into total loss of the system, circulatory system, hydrostatic lubrication systems. Full-loss system refers to the lubricant sent to the lubrication point, no longer recycling use, often used in the lubricant recovery difficulties or no need to recover, the need for oil is very small, difficult to place oil stench or oil pool occasions. The lubricant of the circulating lubrication system is sent to the lubrication point for lubrication and then flows back to the fuel tank for recycling. The hydrostatic lubrication system is a system that uses an external oil supply device to convey a certain pressure lubricant to a hydrostatic bearing for lubrication.