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- Jul 03, 2018 -

The core problem of the lubrication technology is to solve the friction pair, that is, the lubrication problem of the lubrication point we usually say. For the people engaged in the application of lubrication, the most concerned is the lubrication point. That is to say, no matter what kind of lubrication you use, dry oil lubrication, thin oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication, or oil and gas lubrication, the aim is to make the lubrication point in the best state of lubrication.

So what kind of lubrication does the lubrication point need? Is the more oil the better? The answer is negative.

The lubrication point, that is the friction pair, will be in an ideal condition under the condition of full film lubrication. In this full membrane lubrication state, there is lubricant between the friction surfaces, and a complete lubricating film can be formed to completely separate the two frictional surfaces. When friction pairs are moving, friction is the internal friction between the inner molecules of the lubricating film, rather than the direct contact between the friction surfaces.

The lubricants required for lubricating points should reach the bearing with a slow and uniform trace of oil flow. If the lubricants needed for the lubrication point can be supplied in a continuous flow, the lubrication effect is ideal for the lubricating point.

For example: a bearing needs 1ml lubricating oil per hour, 1ml per hour, or the addition of the 1ml oil in 1 hours in several times, the correct answer is the latter. If we can make the lubricating point get only 0.1ml of oil in each period of lubrication, then 1ml oil can be supplied in 10 times within 1 hours, once every 6 minutes, which can achieve very satisfactory effect, this is the most correct way of lubrication.

Thin oil lubrication is an effective way of lubrication. With the development of lubrication technology, thin oil lubrication has developed from primary mass flow lubrication to more advanced micro lubrication. For example, oil mist lubrication is a kind of trace lubrication. Its appearance has made the thin oil lubrication develop to a new stage. Although oil mist lubrication has taken a great step in this correct way of lubrication, it has been restricted in application and seriously polluted the environment and endangering human health. Therefore, the prospect of application is becoming more and more gloomy, which is a more precise and more trace and non-polluting lubrication - oil and gas lubrication.

Oil and gas lubrication changes the traditional method of lubrication with a new lubricating idea. It can inject the fine and extremely small droplets into the lubricating point continuously, so that the method of accurate distribution of lubricating oil at equal time can be realized and suitable for different conditions of the working condition, which is not the other way of lubrication can achieve.