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System Requirements For Lubrication Systems

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Generally speaking, the lubrication system of mechanical equipment should meet the following requirements:

1. To ensure uniform and continuous lubrication points to supply a certain pressure lubricant, sufficient oil, and can be adjusted as needed.

2. High reliability of work. The use of effective sealing and filtration devices to maintain the cleanliness of lubricants, to prevent the external environment dust, moisture into the system, and to prevent leakage and pollution of the environment.

3. Simple structure, as standardization as possible, easy to repair and high-speed adjustment, easy to check and replace lubricants, starting investment and low maintenance costs.

4. With the working parameters of the instructions, alarm protection and working conditions monitoring devices, can be found in time lubrication failure.

5. When lubrication system needs to ensure proper lubricant operating temperature, can install cooling and preheating device and heat exchanger.

Three lubrication elements must be considered in the design of lubrication systems, namely:

1. Types of friction pairs (such as bearings, gears, guides and other types of supporting elements) and its operating conditions (such as speed, load, temperature and oil film formation mechanism, etc.);

2. Types of lubricants (e.g. lubricants, grease or solids, gas lubricants) and their properties;

3. The types of lubrication methods and the conditions of oil supply.