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The Function Of The Allocator

- Feb 01, 2018 -

The increasing frequency of CATV network and the continuous enhancement of its function are the requirements of the Distributor.

The Distributor on an interface device is a control device that assigns audio and video signals to multiple display devices or projection display systems. It is a device that specifically distributes the interface form of the signal. The Distributor has a notable feature is that the HD AV signal through the ordinary coaxial cable to extend to about 200 meters, can thoroughly solve the project in the signal signal source one and display equipment has multiple types and number of problems caused by.

When the user is used, the signal is first connected to the input of the distribution device by a standard high quality line. There are two or four or more outlets on the distributor, which can be connected to the local display, others to the remote display device, by adjusting the brightness and contrast of the distributor, You can adjust the image sharpness of the remote display device to the same effect as the local one. After adjusting, the image quality of the remote display device will be improved qualitatively, the distributor can eliminate the phenomenon of removing tail and ghosting to the maximum extent, and can meet the requirement of high quality image quality of all kinds of key projects in our country at present.