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Type Of Lubricant-oil

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Most of the oil in the engine is stored in the sump, and the oil cycle is driven by the pump that rotates with the engine, oil from the bottom of the shell suction, after the oil filter to remove impurities, high-pressure oil from the engine oil flow channel to the engine everywhere, lubrication or cooling of various parts, and finally in the flow back to the oil pan.

An extremely small amount of oil in the engine is burned in the combustion chamber, so a small amount of oil consumption is normal. However, if the excess oil from the piston and cylinder wall clearance into the combustion chamber called the oil, and oil from the cylinder head of the valve system into the combustion chamber is called the next oil, both are called the oil to eat. If the engine has to eat the phenomenon of oil, of course, the oil will be consumed quickly, and because of the relationship between the oil burning, will be discharged from the exhaust pipe light cyan smoke, at this time must go to the warranty inspection is on the oil or under the oil, good for the right remedy.

Oil according to its composition can be divided into full synthesis, semi-synthetic and mineral oil, in general, the overall synthetic oil in the engine with the engine running in a lower degree of decline, and the decline of mineral oil is higher. However, if the vehicle can be replaced by the original oil or oil, even if the use of mineral oil, will not cause any damage to the engine.

Oil in addition to the composition of the difference, there is a difference in the viscosity index. Viscosity index refers to the degree of oil viscosity changes with the temperature, the most commonly used oil viscosity classification is in accordance with SAE number classification, different numbers corresponding to different viscosity range, the larger the number of the greater the viscosity. SAE number plus w refers to the oil for the cold weather, the smaller the number of viscosity smaller, the engine in the cold winter easier to start.

Oil numbers in addition to SAE 50 (example) or SAE 10W (example), such as single-stage oil, as well as 10w-40, such as the complex class of oil, complex oil can meet the high-temperature and low-temperature use of the demand. The lower the numbers before the W, and the higher the numbers in the rear, indicate that the oil can be applied to a large range of climates. To Taiwan's climate, 10W-40 has been able to meet, if the engine for a long time to high load, high speed of operation, you can choose a higher viscosity oil.