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What Are The Types Of Hose?

- Feb 01, 2018 -

First, according to the product structure division, the hose is divided into: clamp cloth hose, braided hose, winding hose, knitted hose, pure rubber hose, rubber and plastic composite hose, internal mixing fiber reinforced rubber hose.

Clamp HOSE: The rubber hose, which is made of coated adhesive tape as skeleton layer material, is one of the earliest application of rubber hose.

Braided hose: A variety of wire (fiber wire or wire) as a skeleton material, by weaving.

Pure Rubber Hose: As the name implies that there is no skeleton layer of hose, no pressure requirements of the product.

Second, according to the pressure state Division, the hose is divided into: low pressure hose, high pressure hose, suction hose, suction dual-use rubber hose.

Low-pressure hose: the National GB regulation of less than 10MPA rubber hose are low pressure hose

Third, according to the use of Performance division, the hose is divided into: ordinary hose (water, gas pipeline), media-resistant hose (oil-resistant hose, acid and alkali-resistant hose, heat-resistant, steam hose), other multiple hose (hydraulic hose, brake hose, air-conditioning hose).

Ordinary rubber tube: in the normal temperature condition of conveying air or other inert gases, water and other non-corrosive liquids.

Media-resistant hose: The most common varieties for the "three-resistant" hose, that is, oil, acid, resistant to steam hose.

Four, according to the shape divides, the rubber tube divides into: straight type rubber tube and the special-shaped rubber tube.

Special-shaped hose: can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional shape, arbitrary angle, arbitrary length of manufacture, but the diameter of the hose has a limit.