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  • Thin Dilute Oil Station
    Thin Dilute Oil Station
    Ⅰ . Overview This product is suitable for oil cycling lubricating system. Its working medium is turbine oil, No. 20~25 mechanical oil and steel rolling mill oil. The sporting viscosity grade is N22~N460 (equivalent to ISO VG22-460). The PN of lubricating...
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  • Motor-driven Lubricating Grease Pump
    Motor-driven Lubricating Grease Pump
    Ⅰ . Overview DPB-P series motor driven lubricating pump can be applied to the single line and dual line grease and oil concentrated lubrication system with high lubrication frequency, long piping and dense lubrication points as a delivery device of...
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  • Oil Transfer Pump
    Oil Transfer Pump
    Ⅰ . Overview It applies to grease concentrated lubricating system, filling lubricating grease to the grease conservator of motor driven lubricating pump. This pump is not equipped with grease conservator, but directly placed on a 200L grease barrel. It can...
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  • Double-line Distributor
    Double-line Distributor
    Ⅰ . Overview It applies to the dual line concentrated lubricating system with PN of 20MPa as a unit of calculating grease feeding. For the acting force of pressure produced by alternate grease supply by two main supply pipelines, it is pushed by the...
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  • Dry Oil Filter Filtrator
    Dry Oil Filter Filtrator
    Overview GGP dry oil filter is a mesh filter with a very simple structure which ensure dry oil concentrated lubrication system working normal, lubrication points getting purity grease, and is suitable for dry oil centralized lubrication system with nominal...
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  • Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
    Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
    1 Straight pipe fittings Pipeline system suitable for oil, gas and corrosive medium Example:nominal pressure J grade, outside diameter 14mm, Straight pipe fittings : J14 GB/T3733.1-1983 2 Straight pipe fittings Example:nominal pressure J grade,outside...
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  • Semi-automatic Lubricating Pump
    Semi-automatic Lubricating Pump
    YET C2 semi-automatic lubricating pump. (connect the PLC externally) Performance and features:YET-C2/B2 1. Equipped with liquid level switch, which can output abnormal signal of liquid level. 2. Equipped with motor self-protection device to prevent...
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  • Digital Display Electric Lubricating Pump
    Digital Display Electric Lubricating Pump
    Electric lubrication pump can be used with a variety of quantitative volume distributors, Throttle Proportional distributors, adjustable proportional distributors constitute lubrication system, widely used in machine tools, injection molding machines,...
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  • Electric Butter Pump
    Electric Butter Pump
    DGB type electric butter pump is an electric plunger pump. The motor drives the cam to rotate, pushes the plunger to move, the spring makes it reset, thus completing the oil absorption and drainage cycle. The pump is characterized by compact structure and...
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  • Single Line Greasing System
    Single Line Greasing System
    Single-line centralized lubrication system. Easy, reliable and suitable for almost all lubricants. Introduction Single-line centralized lubrication system is a kind of high reliability, automatic monitoring performance and advanced ideal lubricating device...
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  • Dual Line Greasing System
    Dual Line Greasing System
    Introduction of two-wire centralized lubrication system Manual terminal system Introduction of system From the position of the reversing valve ”1a”, the lubricant output① is supplied by one of the two oil supply heads, and the other is open to the oil...
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  • Thin Oil Lubrication Station
    Thin Oil Lubrication Station
    Ⅰ . Overview This product is suitable for the separately-provided oil cycling lubricating system of machinery equipment used in metallurgy, heavy machinery, mines and so on. The viscosity of its working medium is N22-N460 (equivalent to ISO VG22-460)...
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